Hello my darling

Hello beautiful Taylor, my name is Byron Del Pozo, I really hope you are really well. Sorry if my English is not good, I am a latin boy. Do you want to know who I am? well, I am God, but, don't be afraid, please. Speaking out plainly, Taylor, I am God, but here, I am only a boy. Girl, the matter is, that, since the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you, madly. Taylor, you are the most beautiful girl that I have seen in all my live. You're eyes, are the most beautiful eyes that I have seen in all my life. You are so special, that I am very impressed about you. Believe me please, I am not telling lies, I am not playing with you. Taylor, you are so beautiful, that I can not resist. Your eyes, your eyes are so marvellous... it is something that I can not explain, Taylor, I love you, I am really in love with you. I am your fan, your voice is really angelical, I am in love of your voice. Your music is very pretty, I am your fan. Girl, you are so brilliant, that, when I see your pictures in my computer, I can not take my eyes of you. Taylor I love you, I don't know what happened with me, I don't know why, this effect, this effect that you have produced in me, I can not explain, when I think about you, I feel myself in the clouds, when I think about you, I feel that i am in Heaven. Do you see? do you understand me? that's why I am telling you, that I love you. Girl, since I knew you, I have not been able to get you off my mind, and, I always daydream with you, I daydream, that you are my wife. Sorry, I am like this. Girl, would you like to talk with me? please, talk with me... I am here, I am so alone, here... I would really like to talk with a girl like you... is that you are so lovely... i am so alone, do you see? what you say... the problem is that I believe that you don't understand me! I really admire you! what you say, do you want to talk with me? I would really love to talk with you... pleaaase...


Pretty song


I love you Taylor :-) .

Pretty song


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